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Protein diet: An effective way of losing weight

Are you in need of the best weight-loss method? Do you ever wonder if there is a diet that can nourish you and at the same time help you reduce a few pounds? Protein diet involves the consumption of foods rich in healthy proteins. Good sources of proteins include animal products such as meat and eggs. An ideal protein diet must be free of fatty foods and carbohydrates such as pasta and bread. It’s advisable to eat chicken instead of red meat and skimmed milk instead of whole milk. If a coconut is your favorite you should replace it with strawberry and watermelon.

Diets lacking carbohydrates speed up the pace of weight loss and help your body recover fast. Lack of carbohydrates stimulates the body to burn the fat quickly leading to a lean and healthy figure. It’s also possible to lose weight by using protein supplements that have a high protein content and low carbohydrates level. However, It’s imperative to gain enough information about a protein supplement before parting with your cash. It’s needless to buy a product that counters your weight-loss mission.

What You Should Do Before Starting the Protein Diet

menIt’s advisable to seek medical advice from a nutritionist before embarking on a protein diet. The specialist will assess your health and advise accordingly. Nutritionists understand the functioning of our bodies and how they react to certain products. Should they find the diet unsuitable for you they will recommend a method that in tandem with your health conditions. The protein diet denies your body essential carbohydrates and other sources of proteins. It should take a maximum of 30 days to protect your body from malnutrition. Exceeding the stated days can result in health problems such as hair loss, kidney failure, fainting and continuous bouts of dizziness.

The Functioning of Protein Diet

The body has two hormones that help in changing food particles into energy to enable people to survive. These hormones include insulin and glucagon. The protein diet modifies the functioning of these two hormones. The diet has little carbohydrate content which decreases the amount of insulin produced by the body. It also stimulates the excessive production of glucagon. The absence of carbohydrates increases the amount of glucagon which in turn burns up the remaining fat in the body. Depletion of fats contributes to weight-loss within a short period.

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Friendly foods

The protein diet allows the consumption of vegetables, foods with low carbohydrate content and specific proteins.

These foods include;

  • Vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, watercress, radish, arugula, and carrots
  • Animal products including fish, lean meat, ham, chicken, yogurt, skim milk and white cheese
  • Seeds including flaxseed, sunflower, chia and pumpkin
  • Others include avocado, chestnuts, lemon, olive oil and almonds

Recommendations You can arrange the protein diet in two parts of 15 days each due to its intensity. The use of protein diet results in an instant loss of weight due to lack of carbohydrates in the body. It’s acceptable for patients who have diabetes, heart ailments, high cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. You should always seek a medical opinion before embarking on the protein diet.