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Benefits Of An Ozone Generator

The majority of pool owners try to minimize of chemicals in sanitizing their pools. Therefore, some turn to use saltwater systems. However, the best alternative is to use an ozone system. In fact, these ozone generators are the best air purifiers as they are more effective than use of chemicals. The use of these machines greatly reduces the application of chemicals in the pool.

These devices are powered by gas and are effective like chlorine systems at both sanitizing and oxidizing. Moreover, the method is considered to be environmental friendly. Some swimmers are ozone generators 51sensitive to certain chemicals. Therefore, they are irritated while swimming in pools treated with chemicals. The use of ozone systems means that you have fewer chemicals in your pool. There are times you will need to add some chemicals to the ozone generator. However, reducing the number of chemicals in water is a big improvement. It is necessary to consult professionals to know the right balance your pool requires.

These types of devices use ozone gas to sanitize the pool. They generate ozone by converting oxygen. This gas lasts about 20 seconds to get to the surface of the water and then dissipates. Usually, the system is designed to treat swimming pool’s pipe system. There are two main kinds of ozone generators: corona discharge systems and ultraviolet light systems.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each. For instance corona, cells are known to last more than ten years. Moreover, they produce large quantities of ozone. In overall, it is very cost effective. You should also note that quantity of ozone is pure. This means that it will not produce harmful gases as a by-product. You will find them smaller and easy to install.

Ultraviolet ozone generator system provides small output and concentration. Also, more power is needed to power such systems. Usually, lamps used on the units need regular replacements. Therefore, you need to update the system regularly.square ozone generators

Ozone generators are not only used for sanitizing the swimming pool but can be used to decontaminate air around you. The main complaints about ozone systems are heat and noises levels. They can create a lot of heat and annoying sound. High temperatures are known to break down ozone molecules to oxygen. Therefore, the machine you use should have cooling fans.

When buying an ozone generator, ensure you look at factors like output, power, support options and warranty. It should have a cooling fan to dissipate the heat generated by the machine.