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Cooking Tips with an Instant Pot

Using an instant pot is the modern way to cook. With a busy lifestyle, many people do not have time to prepare meals. The best thing to use an instant pot is to set the food and go on with your daily activities. It is one of the most versatile cooking gadgets that you can have in your kitchen.

With an instant pot, you can prepare a variety of meals like zucchini, stews to fried foods. It has different cooking modes depending on the food that you want to cook. When you buy an instant pot, it comes with a cooking manual that helps you to cook all your favorite recipes. Here are some cooking hacks with an instant pot:

Use Liquids to Cook

instant pot foodWhen cooking with an instant pot, try as much as possible to use liquids. Most of the foods will need liquids to cook because an instant pot needs pressure to cook.

To know how much liquid you will need, you can follow the water line in your instant pot. In case you want to add flavor to your food, but you do not want to use water, you can always add beef or vegetable stock. It is a good way to flavor your meat and other dishes.

Understand the Different Cooking Modes

It is very important to understand the different cooking modes. You need to know how to use the different cooking modes depending on the type of food that you are cooking.

The best thing with an instant pot is that you can utilize different cooking modes depending on your preference. You can use pressure cooking for hard foods like cereals and sauté for stews or curries. We also have a slow cooker in case you want to cook soups.

Be Careful Not To Overcook

Overcooking is the greatest downside of cooking with an instant pot. Since you have to close the instant pot when cooking, it isn’t easy to know when the food is ready.

It is advisable to cook the food in short periods. With time you can know the exact time that will be required to cook the food. Monitor the food to make sure that you cook all the ingredients accordingly.

instant pot food

Food Stacking

Food stacking is one of the options that come with using an instant pot. You can cook two meals at a time by stacking the foods.

You can cook a starchy meal like potatoes and vegetables or meat. Using the food stacking technique will help you to save time when preparing meals.