iHerb Review – What You Should Know

If you are planning to buy products from iHerb for the very first time, you need to know some facts. I am going to review the whole process from iHerb from the start until your order is delivered.

You can order from the website organic products and supplements, which are not available in local supermarkets or stores. You will find shopping around very easy. This is because the homepage is easy and simple to navigate through every category, brands, and iHerbproducts. There are several nutritional brands and supplements from reputable manufacturers. They are made under high standards and thus ensuring exceptional quality. Moreover, iHerb has its brands, which are approved by NSF.

If you have the time, you are encouraged to browse different categories of the page to find better products. You can also make use of promotional codes and coupons. However, these promotions do not last for long; they are available for a few days and hours.


You will find the process of ordering and checking out very straightforward unlike many other online stores. As you check out, you will note that they have different shipping rates for routine and quick delivery dates. Moreover, you will find the shipping prices to be quite affordable. There are times you can enjoy free shipping. However, this is dependent on the amount of total order.

Before you finalize the order, you need to apply the iHerb discount code, and you can save up to $10 for purchases over $40. The extra discount and low prices make it very easy to shop. Your order is iHerb productssubmitted immediately, and email notification sent your email. You will need to confirm the order. The following day, a tracking number is sent. You will use this number to view the package information.

In most cases, your order is delivered in the fair amount of time. This is the case if you use standard delivery. Products are then delivered and well packaged. This is necessary to prevent damage to your goods during transit. Ordering is very easy as compared to the majority of the online health stores. It is advisable for shoppers of organic, supplements, and health-related products to use iHerb. You will find it great considering excellent customer service and low prices.